Monday, 31 March 2014

Under The Sea

I think Brunch is the best meal of the day, which Is why I found it 100% necessary to venture down to Gas Works at Newstead to delve into a feast

Gasworks allows you to throw on your cutest dress, and head down to an morning/afternoon of sun, good food and amazing people watching 

Which is exactly what we did 

Seeing we spend far to much time down there we decided we would try something new out

A new seafood restaurant had just opened up called 'Reef' 

Once you step foot into the restaurant you are taken into an oasis of sea life 

There is every type of seafood you can imagine, cooked in all the ways you can imagine 

After much delibiration we both eventually decided what we wanted off the exceedingly large menu 

James went for a beer

Whilst I went for a Vodka, lime, pineapple and lemon cocktail 

When it come to our food order, we both went for simple yet filling options 

To start I went for the Edamame beans 

Whilst James went for the avocado, and chicken sushi rolls 

It turns out my chop stick ability, really let me down 

Shortly after James's calamari and chips arrived 

And my deap fried Prawns with lime 

I even got surprised with a little Nemo 

After devouring every last little bit of food on our plates 

We moved onto our second location   


Seriously if you ever see one of these beauties just stood there on the side of the street, make you make that walk across the road you wont regret it 

I got my usual 'A large Summer Bling' smoothie 

It has pineapple juice, watermelon juice, coconut Gelato, pineapple sorbet, strawberries and passionfruit 

Once blended it makes such a glorious and mouth watering concoction 

I am also sporting my new purchase today 

How cute is this dotty play suit, when I saw it on the rail it shouted at me across the store...

"Hey you, yes you walking past, you are going to stop right now and buy my sweet ass, IM IN THE SALE!!" 

How could I say no to such an offer

So I ran over, snatched the last one up and WOLLA here I am 

We finished the morning laying down looking up at the sky with our smoothies

However this didn't last long, as we slowly got hotter and hotter 

Its true what they say Brits cant handle the heat 

I am

Dotty about 


I cant begin to recommend the Reef restaurant enough 

If you fancy a large lunch, with multiple choices in an beautiful location 

Then definitely head down to the Reef restaurant at Newstead Gas Works 

Do you want to know the best part, the food is amazing and its was such a good price

For 2 drinks, 2 starters and 2 mains the bill only came to $30 each (£16)

I have attached a link of the restaurant below, So check it out

Until Next time......

Saturday, 29 March 2014

North's Rugby Club

So today I thought I would venture out to a suburb in the middle of nowhere to watch James play rugby for North Brisbane Rugby Club

All the years I have attended rugby games I have been used to standing their slowly loosing the circulation throughout my body, my hands going blue, and looking like a drowned rat due to the heavens opening 

However not here, in fact it was 30 degrees, just sunshine stretching for miles, there was not one hot drink in site

All you could hear was happy cheers, the crack of the bottle opening, and the fizz of the coca cola can. 

This type of rugby I can cope with, it seems to be more of a social I believe

Especially when you are surrounded by acres of greenery and the splashing from the river running down the outskirts of the rugby club 

So I didnt really get any pictures of him or anyone in fact playing rugby 

As me being me was far to preoccupied with going exploring

Which is where I came across this beauty

I even managed to distract James for 5 minutes to go for a wonder with me around the club 

I feel there is only so much I can watch a rugby ball be thrown around

In fact throughout the games I watched, it went a little like this.......

(25 minutes into the game) "so what way are they scoring" 

"Whats even the score" 

"Is James even playing?" 

Save to say my concentration doesn't last all that long, But I was kept entertained throughout the entire time I was there, with ice cream 

It was rather a successful day for the Colts too 

Who WON their game, by a large number of points

I was a very proud mumma 

Maybe next time I attend a rugby game I will actually take some photos and concentrate a little more 

Well wish full thinking hey 

Until Next Time...... 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The other day I managed to persuade James to come with me to my favourite place 



It is a charity based organisation, where all the money you spend at the sanctuary, either buying souvenirs, photos or lunch go towards re developing the shelters for the animals, or towards buying new equipment.

I know a lot of people find zoo's or sanctuaries cruel, but Lone Pine only has animals that they have saved from either being injured or being in danger. I had always dreamed of holding Koalas, I know it doesn't sound like a Koalas dream afternoon, but Lone Pine make sure no Koala is out to long, that they are happy, eating well and 100% healthy throughout the day

I get very VERY excited when I see koalas, its just the way they sit their all cool and laid back, just chewing on their leaves all day 

If I were to die, and had to come back an animal it would 100% be a Koala 

My skirt is from 'Karen Millen' Top and bag are from a Australian Boutique, Shoes are from 'Alexander McQueen' 

I dont know what it is about this place, But I feel like a little kid at Christmas 

I run through the gates, and get so excited that James has to tell me to calm down 

Lone Pine is not only a koala Sanctuary it also has lots of other animals

The first animals you are met with on your adventure is some crazy talking birds 

This bird was adamant to get rid of us as every time we said 'Hello' it would respond with 'Bye Bye' 

It could only say a few words, but oh my it entertained us for a while, you can never have to much 'Bye Bye and 'Hello's' now can you 

We were then met with this mental bird, that felt it was necessary to throw itself at the cage and try and eat us, which I am pretty sure if their wasn't a thin piece of mental between us and the Bird it would have had a good nibble on us 

This was my favourite bird, just because of the colour

I mean how awesome its PINK!!! 

We assumed every time it got excited it would raise its little mohawk, but it most probably meant it hated us and felt threatened OPPS

As you entwine yourself through the Lone Pine maze you are then confronted with these bad boys 


This is one of James's favourite attractions at Lone Pine

You enter a dark room that only has 2 tanks lit up, with one baby Platypus and one adult one, swimming around as if their life depended on it 

As we kept on walking we stumbled across some more native Australian animals 



A Lazy Lizard

A Croc

And these little creatures well quite large creatures that run around by your feet 

Its safe to say when I first saw one of these out and about, I screamed and ran 

One of my biggest fears is snakes, they terrify me with their long shiny skin and slitheriness 

They just really don't float my boat

Which is why I found it totally necessary to hold one, WOW THAT WAS A BAD DECISION 

You see most people smiling and enjoying themselves when they hold snakes usually correct? 

Oh no not me, it was single handily one of the scariest moments of my life 

Once around your neck it sort of tightened and loosened, and slithered its way over you, which honestly was not my cup of tea! 

I definitely prefer the furrier and cuddlier kind of animal 

However James seemed to really enjoy it 

Which completely Amazed me! 

We then got to hold a little Croc, which I was actually quite excited about 

It was so scaly, and slimy but pretty awesome 

After handling all these not so cuddly cretins we opted to go and check some Kangaroos and Wallabies out 

So you enter this massive field that is just full of Kangaroos everywhere, you can buy a bag of ROO food for $2 


As soon as you set foot in the enclosure you are surrounded by Kangaroos and baby Wallabies

They just hop up to you with their big feet bouncing and say 'Hey you, you want to get up all in my grill and give me that bag of ROO food yeah?'

You get so scared of their massive feet, that you give in

They hold your hand and dig in 

Unfortunately we were then faced with rain 

So we decided to warm up with a quick bite to eat, and a coffee 

Have I got something on my lips?

It started off so civilised, until I remembered that I hated coffee

We headed for the Koala enclosures which were sheltered, and caught up on some much needed Koala lectures 


You can never take to many photos of Koalas 

They just sit their all day, chewing on eucalyptus with their bottoms wedged into some of the most uncomfortable positions 


I was so excited, I was grinning from ear to ear 

Like a kid that got that ultimate present christmas morning 

I didn't want to let go 

Unfortunately I had to let go, as other people had to hold him to 

However the thought of making a run for it did cross my mind, as it would be so totally worth it a night in Prison to spend an afternoon with this little trouble maker!! 

Finally I got to see another of my favourite animals 

or Shitlands as James calls them 

I held one more bird 

Got to have a childish 5 minutes 

We then had to sadly head home 

However I will most definitely be returning to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary before I return to England 

I mean come on, who doesn't want to hold a koala for the 3rd time 

Its definitely worth a visit if your in the Brisbane Region, it offers hours of entertainment for people of all ages 

Its only $32 to enter 

And for 3 professional photos holding your choice of animal (croc, snake, koala or eagle) it was only $39 

It was definitely worth the money spent, and think with that money you have donated you are helping re home some more of your furry friends 

Or not so furry on some occasions 

Until Next Time.....