Friday, 6 March 2015

The Big 21!

I woke early and sleepy eyed, the jet lag was quickly setting in, however I am sure it was in my favour as I was up and raring to go at 8am which is honestly never an occurrence when back home 

I threw on my winter thermals, my toasty shoes and grabbed my bag and headed down stairs for breakfast. The breakfast room is a large raised area, backing onto the world Famous King Cole bar, as you sit devouring your chosen delicacies you are able to look up into the painted sky, with gold embellishments and numerous beautifully delicate chandeliers 

Our waiter arrived and oh my I honestly can't begin to describe to you how fun, charming, efficient and all round great he was! he truly was a highlight of my birthday. He gave us the menu and within seconds we had all popped our heads up, truly excited about the food that was soon to arrive 

Our drinks quickly arrived then the food came rolling 

There were were so many amazing mouth watering choices on the menu, so it really was a gruelling task having to narrow it down to my chosen Birthday feast 

Due to it being such a day, I went for my all time favourite option 

Big fluffy, crunchy, soft waffles floured in icing sugar, with deliciously ripe and juicy raspberries on the top and a rich syrup on the side 

I mean who am I to stop my body from what it needs, which on this occasion was carb overload 

My mother opted for the fruit plate to begin with and then the full breakfast to follow, which for future reference the scrambled egg and sausage is honestly the best I have ever tasted, I then followed on to have a full breakfast most days after 

My sister opted for the healthier option to my chosen breakfast choice, she went for the Blueberries pancakes with a side of yogurt rather than syrup 

Lastly my father opted for the fresh Salmon with bagels, I mean how cute is the dish when it arrives, to me it was picture perfect 

As we dug in we were busy chatting about our days antics, what we wanted to do, what we wanted to eat and where we had planned to dive into if the blizzardly cold weather out side began to take its toll on us 

Once finished I ran up to my parents room to grab my much needed necessities to brave the outside weather, once in their room they surprised me with a little gift, as soon as I saw the bag I knew it was going to be a good'en 

I unwrapped it eagerly and was faced with the cutest, most beautiful bag I have ever seen, it was exactly what I had wanted, it had a pop factor so it made the perfect statement bag and not only that it was small and delicate so I was able to use it for special occasions in the evening, which was perfect! 

We had decided today we were going to just wander around for a while, pay a visit to the Grand Central Station and then head for a day of shopping 

Due to our trip being just over a week long, we were planning out exactly our itinerary for the next few days, so as not to miss a thing 

As we made our way down to Grand Central station we passed numerous iconic building, such as the Rockafella which will be my next exciting post on the way, we then saw the Empire State Building in the distance. But something caught my eye which made me instantly fall in love with New York, not only does New York boast some extraordinary tall and powerful building it also still has the unique historical buildings tucked away 

We made our way further down the roads, passing the world famous Saks Fifth Avenue, which my mother was raring to visit, we continued on until we came face to face with none other than Grand Central Station

It was just as I imagined, stood there powerful and perfect, with huge windows allowing rays of sunlight through. We made our way inside and I was instantly extremely excited as it was exactly how it had Looked in Gossip Girl. The ceiling had intricate detail, and the windows mirrored each other either end of the station. 

The two ends were raised so you could look down onto the passing crowds, whilst the original ticket booth was sat in the prime position in the centre of the station. There was a flag flying in pride whilst commuters dashed past to grab their trains at the last minute 

It truly was breathtaking, why can't England produce such a beautiful station, I wouldn't then dread visiting the crowded stations as much 

As we made our way back towards the shops I stumbled upon yet another hotel I was eager to visit due to its involvement in Gossip Girl, what can I say I am a real fan 

It was just as it had looked in the film, it stood in a U shape with the dramatic bold words 'The Palace' written over the entrance 

I just couldn't not have a photo in front of it 

The day went on with a little bit more shopping, we grabbed a bite at an excellent pizza place, then carried on doing a little more shopping, I mean its my birthday I am allowed 

I also got bought yet another unbelievable present! which I am beyond excited to show you however, I am going to include it in my birthday evening post which will be following shortly 

Honestly if you have never been to New York GO! it truly is a beautiful city which has so much heritage hidden away, around every corner you turn you never know what you are going to be faced with 

Does anyone have any excellent recommendations for me? 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The St Regis, New York

Im back and I can't begin to explain to you how excited I am about the posts on their way to you throughout the next few weeks, as some of you may know I am currently having a break from the UK in Florida as we speak! 

I am able to kick back, relax and catch up on all the exciting happenings over the last month or two within the Blogging world, as well as get all my posts together, and trust me that is taking a long time the amount of photo's one individual can take on a trip never fails to amaze me 

As some of you may know for my 21st I grabbed my bags together and caught the first flight out of Heathrow over to New York, just in time for New York Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to have my parents and my sister join me on my New York escapades, and have a help in hand to plan my Birthday week of fun 

The flight was a quick Eight hours, so by the time I was sat down and comfy, and my eyes had begun to shut the air hostess was nudging me telling me we were about to land 

I quickly ran through security trying to contain my excitement and grabbed my mammoth amount of bags. I was super excited to finally use my Brand Sparkling new Diane Von Furstenberg travel bags, so I grabbed them up and began my way through the airport heading for my car 

Now I'm going to try my best not to get over excited and bombard you with about a 1000 photo's at once and numerous posts, so I am going to keep it short yet sweet for the first post 

I flew into JFK late Tuesday evening, just in time for my celebrations to begin at midnight when I hit the big 21! 

I grabbed the first car in sight with my parents, and we rushed over to our hotel now when in New York my dad insisted we had to pay a week long visit to the St Regis, and oh my wasn't that a great choice 

We were instantly greeted by ginormous men, dressed to their nine's in fur coats, Russian hats and gloves that looked like they were about to pay a visit to Alaska, I mean what was all the fuss about.... Until I put my one leg outside the door to exit the car and wow! the temperature hit me, a whopping -15 was what was ready to greet me at the front door 

We hastily ran into reception, in anticipation of checking in and being allowed to be let lose in the hotel, have a sneak peak of all the rooms, and of course indulge in their to die for breakfast, lunch and supper, and you can't forget their world famous King Cole bar.

The reception had you entering a gold mine, the ceilings had intricate detail throughout, with gold lacing through the cream tones, vast chandeliers hung from the ceiling, to many to count and the hotel still had its original Reception box in place where you were able to set reservations and get excellent advice on the city surrounding the hotel 

We were quickly checked in and made our way up to the rooms, the hotel had kindly given us two exceptional suites, due to the celebrations taking place that week, not only was it my 21st, it was also my parents 30th anniversary! 

Our bags got dropped to our rooms and we were instantly greeted by a smiling lady, with white gloves on, tails and with the happiest and most warming smile on her face, she then began to explain to us that she would be our Butler for the week, and showed us all the necessities we may need in our room  

I dont know about you, but as soon as I see a butler it instantly remind me of 'Mr Deeds' "Sneaky Sneaky" So that kept me entertained for far to long 

She placed down a tray of tea as well as some deliciously juicy chocolate covered strawberries, that just hit the table before I got my hands on them 

Due to our flights landing late we didn't have much time to explore New York that evening, however we had a full day planned the next day, not only was it my Birthday but it was my first ever day in New York and I was planning on taking it by storm 

I quickly ran a bath, threw extra bubble bath in it, flicked on the TV which FYI, took me forever to figure out where it was as its hidden in the mirror which is genus, and laid back and relaxed excited about the week I was about to face 

I obviously couldn't resist having a quick run and jump on the immaculately sorted bed's officially making Emily proof within seconds. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Quick Catch Up

I just wanted to fill you all in on why I have been non existent the last month or so. I have been crazy busy with work, and for a little while I felt my heart wasn't really in the whole blogging world however, after having not blogger for a month I have truly missed it 

So I have a massive back log of posts to do, I have just flown out to New york for a week so I have plenty of exciting posts on their way! 

Get ready, you may need a cup of tea and your reading goggles because there going to be good 

Heres a sneak peak of whats to come....


Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Quarterdeck Bar

Whilst in Malta we paid numerous visits to one specific bar, it was located at the Hilton in Portomaso the reason this bar interested me so much was the decor 

Whilst you sat there drinking your drink you were taken on a journey through star signs, as well as seeing little ships drift past you... Okay your probably wondering what the heck I am on about, I feel this post will be predominately images as they tell the story far better than I ever could 

Just imagine yourself sat there with a Gin and Tonic in hand, or a Whisky in my father case, with the Marina to your left featuring numerous ginormous yachts and fish meandering there way around, and above you the ceiling all scrawled with images and writing 

Right in the middle of all of these star signs if a truly huge sun looking down on you 

Whilst scattered around the room are vintage crafted boats 

Could you not just spend hours in this bar staring at the ceiling, I don't know about you but it kept me entertained for a very very long time 

It seemed like a work of art to me, the drawings above you worked so well with the vibe of the bar, as well as the bar its self stretching half way around the room, made out of vintage marble featuring hundreds of different liquors and wines 

If you ever pay a visit to the Hilton be sure to spend a little while in their bar, but to be warned the drinks are not cheap and their measures, well Ill let you see if you can figure that trick out yourself...